Saturday, April 24, 2010

Growing up Girlstyle

Its still not even close to being done!
But after painting for 3 hours in the sun, I'm pretty done for the day. I've got paint all over my hair and clothes...

Here the inspiration is all the stuff we go through growing up female. Susanna's vintage photo to me is especially nice - the high drama of the relationship between 2 sisters -there is so much love, but in the beginning there can be hate too. Susannas photo shows her older sister throwing rocks at her, Susanna looks back at her with a worried look on her face. Priceless. I'll have a hard time painting it. There is a lot of detail missing from the old photo, I'm not sure what her dress really looked like and I dont have much information about her face...oh well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bob Marley Painting for Graham and Sublime Paining for Carly

gawd is this bad.

I liked doing Bob Marley...

but, I do not like doing Sublime---..and unfortunately it shows!

maybe if I can force myself to finish will improve

Monday, November 2, 2009


I took this to show Mary and she said I needed more color, and I know I need more painterly brush strokes - so now I revved up the color to absurd, when this dries I'll calm it down again. God I wish I were a better painter. This is such a struggle.

hmm, there's a diagonal shadow that is not really there. I at the point where I just want to finish these paintings. Right now, I'm just thinking of touching up the blue a little and finishing the arms and hands more - then I've had it!

this painting wont be pink and green, this is just the underpainting, just bits of it will show through. i'm just in the midst of getting the ratios right and establishing my lights and darks. i cant wait to get to the turquoise. i think i love water paintings.

first, i dont know anything about blogging or how to edit this site. in fact i forgot all about it until yesterday.

i'm in the process of doing a "carson " painting. carson is my 3 year old grandniece. mostly i have processed the concept -processing took me most of yesterday. and to be honest, i have no idea why i wish to make this my next painting. the idea came to me when i was thumbing through some old photographs taken by my 13 year old daughter - the photo that caught my eye from 2 summers ago, when carson was 2 and carly and carson were swimming together at erb pool. what i love about my daughter's photos is that they are not the usual photos, they aren't always "composed" and they may not be angles that are usually used, and while i would have zoomed in on her face for a close-up portrait, the photo carly took has energy: carson is leaning forward walking, she is intent on her steps and her direction. and then there is the pool with its amazing abstract white zig-zaggy lines and blue water. so i'm going to put up the original photo and the painting as it has begun. its 30X40. it will mostly be water and the spirit of carson, who is a zephyr. my family and friends mean everything to me, so i like to paint subjects that remind me of my family and special friends.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i still am not finished with carly's shoe painting, i'm about halfway there ---

11-07: brightened up the background a bit, found the whole thing too dark and depresssing. now i need to go back and finish the shoes themeselves...

Monday, April 20, 2009

my first art show - small and brief

I clearly don't know much about blogging, but I'm just going to blog ahead. I've changed this to Blue Man. And in the larger photo of the painting I changed his eyes to look "blue". Mostly I just want to get rid of this painting and my memory of this disgusted expression. Pretty much sums up everything about that relationship...

my kitchen  - getting ready. i need to pick 6 paintings. i think i'll go with twilight garden (#3 photo) and try to finish my other garden painting (annie's garden, a different annie, alas), also will put in greg and try to get rid of it!, my good mother, and probably the cow pastel ( a belted galloway  that i love!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5, 2008

Hmmmmmmm, the age old quandry,  so many ideas, so little time